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I enjoy sewing, knitting, and quilting. I have a adoring husband of 33 years, 8 beautiful children and 10 grandchildren (so far). I also enjoy studying my Bible and practicing yoga. The LORD is Good All the time.

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Monday, May 15, 2017

The Sheep is in the Meadow.....

And so it begins......Years ago after I started quilting, I saw some penny rugs made from wool. I boldly proclaimed, "I would never be interested in doing that!".  A very few years later my daughter took me to a quilt shop in Liberty Missouri where I bought, "Just a few fat quarters of wool.". I made a couple of pincushions and that was enough.  I recently was looking for a pattern for a toy for my granddaughter and ran across an Etsy shop..gingermelon. She had the cutest felt doll and animal patterns........                                                                                   
                                                                                                  The wool adventure began again. I later found the pattern for "sheep in the sunflowers" on Etsy as well, at cheswick company. Needles(s) to say I was interested and now I am looking at penny rugs in a whole new way.  However, I should have seen this coming; I said I would never be interested in quilting, several fat quarters ago.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Quick Quilts!!!

Normally I do not buy quilt kits or panels, however I enjoyed constructing these quilts from kits featuring beautiful panels.  First, "Greeting the Moon" is stunning and artistic. I love the asymmetry and  romance of the panel and general feel of the quilt. It was a must for me as it stirred my spirit.

The next two quilts are Christmas fare. "Sleigh Ride" conveys the Victorian era with a sense they are out for neighborly visits after church, in the snow.  One can almost hear the sleigh bells along with the gaiety  and excitement in their voices.

The bottom quilt is one of my favorites because of the beautiful Cardinals, my favorite bird, being St. Louis born.  I have heard when you see a cardinal in your yard it is a visit from heaven, for me this true.  My dad, the ultimate Cardinal fan, watches the games from a heavenly bird's eye view but I am quite sure he has his ear tuned to KMOX radio. There is a little quip that goes... Little boy cardinal to father..."Dad, what's a losing season?" Dad wisely replies," I don't know, son, we're cardinals."  This quit is a big hit with me.

The quilts were fairly quick to piece and the two Christmas quilts had similar construction with the panel borders and square in a square technique. The Cardinal Rule also has mitered corners..very effective. All kits are available at my favorite quilt shop, stitch-n-frame.net   Perhaps one of these quilts will evoke fond memories and emotions for you.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Christmas in July Updated....

Some of the finished Christmas in July projects....

Greet the Moon

This quilt is made using Red Rooster fabrics,  the kit was purchased at the  Stitch-N-Frame. I have the intention of making 4 Oriental inspired quilts...this is number 2. I enjoy the beauty of the panel and the simplicity of design. Normally a panel would not interest me but these are exquisite.  the original pattern has a mistake therefore check the Red Rooster Fabric site for the corrected pattern. The panel measurements are stated incorrectly so all the measurements are off but the yardage is correct. I measured my panel and just proceeded with that measurement. The construction is very easy, mostly narrow borders (5).  The sewing took two enjoyable days.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Christmas in July

Christmas in July @ Stitch-n-Frame......
I have the background ready...now is the time to start the appliqué .  It is a different technique that I am accustomed to, hopefully the instructions are clear;) Check back in a few days and lets see how much progress I have made....the pressure is on.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day 2015 10,000 Reasons

I believe that pattern for his quilt is sometimes called 1000 Pyramids. I began this quilt 12 plus years ago. I cut triangles from dresses, pillows, and fabric and put them in a plastic bag. Occasionally I would sew a few together and and toss them back. Time passed and I completely forgot about this little endeavor.

A few months ago while cleaning my sewing room (please refer to my previous post about my motto) my motto  I found the "long forgotten". There are a few, so I chose one to finish. O my Lord were these pieces crooked. Those bias edges were mostly skewed but I persevered. I had to add new triangles and once again I was reminded of my husband, our marriage, and our family. Fabric from clothing, home decorator items, saved and new fabrics prompted me to finish this quilt as a gift for him. Our family is a colorful patchwork some of us are a little wrinkles and maybe a little out of shape:)but always able to fit together to make a whole. Three sides certainly reminds of the Holy Trinity and the three sided covenant of Richard, Rebecca and Jesus.  I am a blessed wife and mother because my husband is a Godly father, a man who is an example to model. He doesn't acknowledge his traits but every one who knows him...sees the hand of God our Father.  

The quilt is not square, it has flaws and wrinkles but the borders are on, it is quilted and bound for my man whom I love and admire for 10,000 Reasons.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Let the Summer Begin!!

A few of my project this past month! Sometimes I feel as though I NEVER  get in my sewing room, then I look around and well maybe I have been in there some lately! The dust on the furniture and the un-mopped floors can attest to the truth...I sew when I get the chance. The top picture is part of my daughter and son in law's anniversary gift. It is so hard to believe it has been 5 years since they were married. march+094.jpg
The middle picture has a story...Several years ago my sister bought a sewing/ embroidery machine. It was her first machine and she was really intimidated and would call me in a panic. I explained the "buyer's remorse" and she  would get passed that and enjoy sewing before long. I saw a little card with the above design and sent it to her. Since that time I have been planning to make a pillow with this because I need a constant reminder!

The four pillows were made using a jelly roll someone gave to me. A fun little project!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wrestling with T Shirts

This is my second ever T Shirt quilt. I made it as a Christmas surprise for my sweet son in law. I acquired these t shirts over the years from our two oldest grandsons' high school wrestling days. I wasn't exactly sure who each shirt belonged to and then I had an epiphany…the quilt should be for the father he…after all encouraged them both, worked with them both, adapted the workshop to a gym for them to practice, and he attended all the meets. I truly believe this was the best idea. My  grandson, Tanner, (the younger of the two) earned the Missouri State Wrestling First Place Title 2012 and I asked him…What move did he employ to win the match? Hence the name of this awesome memento….Over & Under, Hip Toss in Overtime. 

Tanner went on to wrestle at Mizzou….His quilt..The Eye of the Tiger…….

Friday, August 2, 2013

My Latest Endeavors


Baby blankets,
Dish towels.....
What else. I love it! For years I have knitted a few items each year. I have collected yarn, given yarn away, looked at yarn, longed for yarn, knowing I may not ever do anything with it...until now!

Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom is perfect for me. It isn't so complicated I cannot get started, there are a multitude of designs achievable on this handy loom, it takes up a small amount of space and I can use the yarn and fabric I already have and I can use it quickly. I am excited...can you tell. These are all yarns I have had on hand and I am thrilled to see them work up nicely into a useable item. Did you also catch that I said fabric? Yes FABRIC! and I have some fabric on hand too. I can't wait to see what I will weave next. Till then...tootles.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


March 21
April 23
This is what has been making my heart glad each morning. Simple things. I planted this little circle of wildflowers late October. The end of March brought a few delicate little flowers. I was enchanted! As you can see, by the end of April the circle was brimming over with flowers of all variety. I was enthralled! The bees and hummingbirds love my little circle of color and therefore so do I. Each morning when I sip my coffee I go outside and look at the new flowers that have opened over night and I am made glad. God is so artistic and I am thankful He has allowed me to have this little garden of delight.